If you are planning to attend a school of higher education, and you or your parents are members of F.U.M.C., this may be of interest to you! We offer some scholarship assistance to qualifying students! The deadline for turning in an application to our church office is July 1st  of each year. You can get an application from the office manager, Dini Pooler. We ask a commitment from you in return for this assistance! By 10 years after you finish your degree, we ask you to have paid back ½ of the amount of the scholarship, and do service in the church you are attending during the time you are working on your degree.

One reason for asking for ½ of the $$$ to be returned, is so that the fund can continue to grow, and future students will be able to benefit from the interest earned. To receive the scholarship you must be a student in good standing, and furnish a transcript from the last school you have attended. The Scholarship committee will then review all applications, and determine what you will receive.

If you have questions you may call the Church office at 544-1917, or John Ryan.

To download an application form, click here:  Scholarship Application

Email completed application form, along with a copy of your transcript to:  fumcpueblo@comcast.net